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Where To Find Information About Intensive Care

Most people have heard of intensive care units (ICUs). But when a loved one gets admitted to an ICU, lots of people realize that they don’t really understand what’s going … Full Entry »

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Center For Vaccine Awareness And Research Delivers Holiday Cheer

As moms celebrated the recent delivery of their new bundle of joy, the Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research at Texas Children’s Hospital delivered some unexpected holiday cheer along with … Full Entry »

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You Are What You Eat, And So Is Your Baby

I am often asked, “What foods should I stay away from when I’m breastfeeding?” Actually, you don’t have to be on a strict diet when you’re breastfeeding. Your baby has … Full Entry »

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Vitamin D Guidelines For Infants And Children

On November 30, 2010, the U.S. and Canada released new guidelines for calcium and vitamin D intake. The vitamin D guidelines have long been awaited as there is tremendous interest … Full Entry »

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Choosing Safe Toys For Children

Even though shops began advertising Christmas before Halloween this year, it’s really time to get ready for the holidays now. I am well aware of the parental desire to buy … Full Entry »

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