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Let’s Get Real — Understanding The New Dietary Guidelines For Americans

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines, a little late in coming out, were released this morning hoping to turn the tide of common nutrition programs in the United States. So getting “real” … Full Entry »

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When Medical Experts Disagree About Basic Pediatric Nutrition Issues: What Should The Public Do?

We are used to the idea that doctors and scientists will look at an issue, conduct studies and then guide us on what to do. Sometimes there are outlying opinions … Full Entry »

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Eating With The Seasons

What better way to promote a healthy lifestyle in the new year than by eating healthy, fresh, and in season! As a good facet of a nutritionally sound diet, eating … Full Entry »

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Flu Prevention Is Nothing To Sneeze At

Your child may not yet be surrounded by coughs, sneezes and sniffles of other children, but rest assured that flu season is here. Even in the hospital we’re happy to … Full Entry »

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Program For Multiples

I’ve been on a personal crusade to educate moms of multiples for a long time now, and to my true delight, Texas Children’s Hospital has come up with a resource … Full Entry »

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