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Neuroblastoma: Basic Treatment Options

Neuroblastoma is the most common solid tumor in childhood and accounts for approximately 8% of childhood cancers. Neuroblastoma tumors arise from tissues in the autonomic nervous system in the body, … Full Entry »

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Top 5 Questions Moms Expecting Multiples Should Ask Their OB/GYN

Women who are pregnant with twins have a unique set of health concerns and need to follow a different pregnancy path than women pregnant with one baby. To alleviate some … Full Entry »

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Texas Children’s Global Health Corps Cancer Program

Some of you may not know that our global health initiatives also address pediatric cancer. Check out this video about how the Global Health Corps Cancer Program is helping kids … Full Entry »

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Diet Plan For Childhood Obesity

Since this is still the beginning of the new year, I would like to share some basic guidelines that I give my patients who need to lose weight OR simply … Full Entry »

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Family From Brazil Brings Son To Heart Center

I had the pleasure of visiting with the parents of a heart patient from Brazil last week. They searched for Texas Adult Congenital Heart Disease on the internet and found … Full Entry »

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