Texas Children’s Pavilion For Women Officially Opens Inpatient Services

Like a breath of fresh air, the doors are now completely open at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. This grand opening marks a new beginning for Texas Children’s Hospital, mothers, babies and their families. As we begin delivering babies, caring for mothers and offering services for women of all ages, we’re building on the strong foundation provided for so many years by our world-class medical team at Texas Children’s.

The Pavilion for Women, led by world-renowned OB/GYN-in-Chief Dr. Michael Belfort, now offers a full continuum of care for mothers and their babies — from pre-conception to post-delivery. Symbolic of the continuum is the innovative circular bridge linking the Pavilion with the Clinical Care Center and West Tower of Texas Children’s Hospital. This bridge provides a quick and convenient route for a team approach to specialized care. This means faster, safer and better results for moms who deliver their babies here.

Despite all the excitement surrounding the opening, the atmosphere is amazingly tranquil at the Pavilion for Women. The minimalist design of each aspect of the building creates an environment essential to the healing process. Our Women’s Advisory Council made up of mothers from our own community gave us invaluable input into what women really want in a one-of-a-kind facility such as this, and we’re confident that women will have a superior experience here.

In addition, the new medical services available for women make Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women the most sensible choice for fetal, newborn and maternal health. With pediatric and maternal health experts joined together, we’ll be able to improve the outcomes of each and every baby and mother who comes through our doors — and that’s what it’s really all about.

In sum, this is an important milestone for Texas Children’s and our community — and one of the most exciting initiatives in the history of the Texas Medical Center. We couldn’t be more proud to offer this unique set of services to women and their babies in the Houston community and beyond.


About Mark A. Wallace, CEO

Since 1989, I have been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Children’s Hospital.

To ensure the continued success of Texas Children’s Hospital, I work closely with our medical staff to provide the nation's best medical care available for children and women while fulfilling the hospital’s mission of excellence in patient care, education and research.

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  1. Elizabeth Burger says:

    On Jan. 10, I had an annual appointment with Dr. Binder and ran into a major problem getting my car out of the garage as the entry arm opened without dispensing a ticket or token. Monica in the Women’s Center’s reception area helped me tremendously and stayed on the phone with me and various departments at the hospital until I could get my car out. If your garage personnel had been as helpful and friendly as Monica, I would not have been stuck for 45 min.

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