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Why Our Family Is Marching For Babies

This year, my family will walk in the March of Dime’s March for Babies for the first time to raise money for research that benefits premature babies. This cause is … Full Entry »

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Purple Songs Can Fly Celebrates Its 300th Song

Texas Children’s has a lot to celebrate lately, especially with the opening of the Pavilion for Women. Within the Arts In Medicine program we recently reached a significant milestone as … Full Entry »

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The Documentary “Bully”: A Social Worker’s Perspective

“Bully” the documentary was recently released in Houston and other cities following heated press about its rating. The PG13 rating is appropriate for high school and some junior high aged … Full Entry »

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Spring Sports Series: Protein, The Building Blocks For Muscle Performance

Protein is necessary to build and repair muscle and to boost the immune system. Protein will be used as energy if the body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates or fats to … Full Entry »

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What It Means For My Family To “March For Babies”

It was during my shift working as unit clerical assistant in the Progressive Care Unit at Texas Children’s Hospital that I realized something wasn’t right with my pregnancy. I knew … Full Entry »

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