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Learning To Be A Leader After I Was Diagnosed With The HIV Virus At Age 12

My name is Thato Chris Ramotswe. I was born 8th November 1992 in Maun, Botswana. I am the only child of the late Thabo Chris Ramotswe Sr. and Caroline Vivian … Full Entry »

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How To Talk To Children About The Tragic Colorado Shootings At The Batman Premiere

The news of the Colorado shooting is very shocking and difficult for parents themselves to digest. I actually attended the midnight premiere with my two teenaged nephews and arose the … Full Entry »

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Vaccines: Personal Choice Or Moral Responsibility?

I recently had an interesting conversation with a friend. She mentioned to me that she had seen a sign in our Houston suburb advertising the fact that parents can opt … Full Entry »

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What Is A Neonatologist? Part 1: Who We Are And What We Do

My wife is fond of reminding me how carefully I paid attention to the prenatal ultrasounds of our children. Most parents assume they will have a healthy baby and are … Full Entry »

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Advances In Neuroblastoma: Meeting Summary

With the need for new treatments and better outcomes for children with neuroblastoma, international efforts provide the best hope for understanding the causes of and best therapies for neuroblastoma. The … Full Entry »

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