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Bunnies And Bandages: What Is A Child Life Specialist?

The mind of a child is far different than the mind of an adult. A life of pretend play and make believe seems so carefree and fun. However, what happens … Full Entry »

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‘Tis The Season To Be Eating… Healthy!

The holiday season means celebrating with family and friends but most importantly eating delicious holiday food! Everyone wants to enjoy the season so it is easy to overindulge in food … Full Entry »

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Baby Born With Heart Outside Of Body (Ectopia Cordis) Makes History

Thursday, January 24, 2013: Update to Baby Audrina’s condition Yesterday, after a 3 ½ month stay, Audrina left the hospital with an external heart shield that she will wear moving … Full Entry »

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What Is The Right Age To Potty Train?

As a general pediatrician, parents often seek my professional opinion regarding development and expectations. For successful potty training, I generally offer an expected range of between 2 and 3 years. … Full Entry »

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When My Daughter Needed A New Heart And None Were Available, The Berlin Heart Device Saved Her Life

Late in 2008 was such a stressful and frightening time for our family. For weeks my maternal intuition was telling me something was wrong. Leanny was always so fatigued, short … Full Entry »

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