The Earnestness Of Caring For Tiny Souls

Texas Children's Newborn Center patientPrior to completing nursing school, I was unsure of what specialty would be a good fit for me. In my last semester of school I was able to choose my area of interest for my final rotation. Out of curiosity, I selected the NICU. I was immediately faced with the earnestness of caring for tiny souls. I saw the babies in their most vulnerable state, crying out for the touch of someone who cared. As a novice nurse I was touched by their presence and could see how my care would directly impact not only their lives, but those of their families as well. I have been committed to the care of sick and premature babies ever since.

Baby in Texas Children's NICUAttending deliveries as a member of the Neo Response Team has provided me with a rare perspective. I get to see normal, healthy newborns as well as the preemies that are near and dear to my heart. Caring for all types of babies has given me insight to support our families in each stage of their baby’s stay with us.

Through my journey in the NICU I have celebrated first birthdays and going home parties. I have also attended funerals, cried and prayed with families of babies that have passed away.

My passion for babies has never wavered. I remain a voice for the innocent. Although these babies may have been born premature, they are equally as deserving of love and tenderness.

I participate in the March of Dimes: March for Babies Walk to raise awareness for the little ones that I care for. Although small, they are our future nurses, doctors, teachers and lawyers. Through research we can foster the growth and development of the tiniest of babies. After all, big miracles can come in tiny packages.


About Monique Landor, NICU Nurse

I have been a register nurse in Texas Children's Hospital's Level 3 NICU for 6 years.

I serve as a preceptor and I am a member of the Neo Response Team where I attend deliveries of potentially sick babies. I have a Bachelor of Science-Nursing Degree and Registered Nurse Certification in NICU.

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3 Responses to The Earnestness Of Caring For Tiny Souls

  1. Amanda Hedin says:

    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt perspective Monique!

  2. Lindsey Gooding says:

    During our son’s one month stay in the NICU the nurses were amazing. They understood our situation better than anyone else and loved our baby more than I could have ever hoped for! We were blessed to have such wonderful individuals caring for WIlliam.

  3. Leah Holden says:

    I’m touched by what I just read. God bless you, Monique, and a heartfelt thank you for all that you do for these little ones. Thank you to Texas Children’s Hospital.

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