Why the Pediatric Surgery Fellowship For Physician Assistants At Texas Children’s Was The Perfect Choice

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The Pediatric Surgery Fellowship for Physician Assistants at Texas Children’s Hospital provides a unique opportunity at the country’s largest pediatric hospital. The program is a 12 month clinical training program designed for physician assistants, to experience an array of pediatric subspecialties including neurosurgery, general surgery, orthopedics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology, urology, congenital heart and trauma. The program also offers many opportunities for research and community service projects.

This January, Texas Children’s welcomed its second fellowship class. The new class consists of six young ladies from across the country. Abby Young (North Carolina) joins the fellowship from Campbell University, Brittney Knudson (Montana) completed her training at Midwestern University, Chelsea Hartwig (Illinois) graduated from University of Southern California, Kelly Wiseman (Ohio) attended the University of Toledo’s PA program, Sara Mullinax (Georgia) is an Emory University graduate and the sole Houstonian, Thian Nguyen (Texas), obtained her training at Baylor College of Medicine.

Three of the current fellows share why the fellowship was the right choice for them:

As I started my physician assistant program, I knew I had a special love for pediatrics and working with children. During my program I chose electives in pediatric subspecialties, which confirmed I needed to continue to follow my passion for pediatric medicine and surgery. Graduation was around the corner, and I realized how I wanted to learn more in this field I desired to work in. After discovering the Pediatric Surgical Fellowship at Texas Children’s Hospital, I knew it was an opportunity of a life time. It was one of those moments where things seemed too g_Knudson_Brittney_2k15-0026-AK1_2032 8x10ood to be true. How could there possibly be a program that incorporates all my passions and more? Furthering my education in different pediatric subspecialties and broadening my knowledge base was the ideal start to my career. I visited Texas for my first time during the interview and fell in love with the program. At that time, the current fellows completely inspired me. They shared with the interviewees their amazing experiences at Texas Children’s Hospital and their hopes for the fellowship in the coming years. Being able to be a pioneer in an evolving and innovative fellowship, as well as profession, is exhilarating. Since my arrival, the welcome I have received from Texas Children’s Hospital has been like none other. Coming to such a large institution, I was not expecting to be treated with such warmth and kindness by everyone. I am grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow as a provider here and am proud to be able to be a part of the phenomenal team at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Brittney Knudson, M.M.S, PA-C
Billings, Montana
Texas Children’s Hospital Physician Assistant Pediatric Surgical Fellowship


My love and passion for pediatric medicine and surgery grew when I first worked as a certified nursing assistant at a pediatric hospital in my hometown. During that time, I began to realize that my career as a PA must be devoted to serving children and helping them strive to be the best they could be all while dealing with and overcoming complex medical problems. During my PA school journey, I appreciated and enjoyed many experiences and rotations in different pediatric settings. I wanted to find a career path where I could continue to grow and  would challenge me, in the field of pediatric surgery. While surfing the internet, I came across the Texas Children’s blog post about a new Pediatric Surgical Fellowship for Physician Assistants! After reading the blog about this _Young_Abby_2k15-0026-AK1_1999 8x10amazing program and all it had to offer, I knew that I had to be a part of such an innovative and pioneering learning environment. I quickly realized to get this experience I would have  to move from my home in North Carolina to the vastly different state of Texas to continue my dream of working in pediatric surgery. I chose to come to Texas Children’s Hospital to start my career path because of the ample opportunities that this fellowship and world-renowned hospital has to offer. This fellowship allows me to work with some of the most innovative and revolutionary physicians and surgeons in their respective specialties. It allows me to work side by side with other physician assistants in a structured learning environment. It allows me the time to develop my skills in the operating room and the clinics of multi-disciplinary pediatric subspecialties. It allows me to be a part of the family that is Texas Children’s Hospital. And, most importantly it allows me to care for children while in their most vulnerable states and having the beautiful opportunity to watch them leave happy and healthy as members of the Texas Children’s family.

Abby Young, MPAP, PA-C
Charlotte, North Carolina
Texas Children’s Hospital Physician Assistant Pediatric Surgical Fellowship


I still consider myself a kid. I love Disney, playing games and singing “Do you want to build a snowman?” There is no better place for me than pediatric medicine. Pediatric medicine is challenging, but extremely rewarding. As a physician assistant student, I _Wiseman_Kelly_2k15-0026-AK1_2105 5x7knew I wanted to pursue a career in pediatric surgery. I enjoy physically healing my patients and the art that comes with surgery. Texas Children’s Hospital is the perfect place to begin my career. As the largest children’s hospital with a world-renown reputation, Texas Children’s Hospital offers unprecedented opportunities for providers to further their careers. The pediatric surgery fellowship allows me the opportunity to care for patients, while expanding my knowledge in eight pediatric sub-specialties. The program also includes research and community service – two activities that I am passionate about. In my first two months, I have worked with incredible providers who are national experts in their fields. I look forward to a busy, challenging and rewarding year as a pediatric surgery physician assistant fellow. The people and patients in this hospital will become my family, and I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish together.

Kelly Wiseman, MSBS, PA-C
Akron, Ohio
Texas Children’s Hospital Physician Assistant Pediatric Surgical Fellowship

To learn more about Texas Children’s Hospital Physician Assistant Surgical Fellowship visit, here. To read previous blogs the 2014 physician assistant fellows, visit here.


About Physician Assistant Pediatric Surgical Fellows, Class of 2016

We are the 2016 Physician Assistant Pediatric Surgical Fellows at Texas Children's Hospital.
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3 Responses to Why the Pediatric Surgery Fellowship For Physician Assistants At Texas Children’s Was The Perfect Choice

  1. Ryan Krasnosky says:

    We are so proud to have you a part of our family. Each of you bring something so special to the program. We are expecting big things from you this year!!!

  2. Bret F. Knudson says:

    Mothers and Fathers will be grateful that such a fine group of young ladies are studying to be the healers of their children. I am especially proud of my niece Brittney Knudson and having had the privilege of watching her grow and develop into the professional young woman she is today.

  3. Jordan McAndrews says:

    This is my first year with being a part of this fantastic program and great team. I am so excited for what is to come!!!

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