How pediatric hospitals earn national rankings

Texas Children’s Hospital does not have bumper stickers. If we did, we’d share one similar to the “proud parents of an honor roll student,” except ours would say “proud to be on the Best Children’s Hospital Honor Roll.”

Texas Children’s is ranked fourth in the country and has earned the honor roll designation every year since 2009 when the honor roll was established by U.S. News & World Report. To be considered for the honor roll, a pediatric hospital must submit a survey with responses to more than 1,500 questions pertaining to 10 specialties and more than 20 support services.

About the survey
For the 2016-2017 rankings, 183 pediatric hospitals submitted data to be ranked. Here is just a sampling of the many questions any pediatric hospital must submit to be considered in the rankings process:

  • For the past two years, what is the average number of patients treated daily?
  • Do your pediatric patients have access to certified child life specialist?
  • How many members of your staff received the flu vaccine?
  • Does your organization provide 24-hour, in-house coverage every day to a cardiac-specific ICU?
  • Does your pediatric neuroscience center program offer post-surgery evaluations for brain tumors?

Texas Children’s spends nearly a full year gathering data and details to answer the survey questions. Completing the survey is one way we demonstrate our commitment to our patients, by providing accurate information in the official rankings process.

U.S News & World Report pediatric survey timeline

  • 1990-2005: Survey based 100 percent on reputation only; survey ranked and released Top Children’s Centers
  • 2006: The Best Children’s Hospital list was created
  • 2007: The first year data was included in rankings information (the first move away from 100 percent reputation only scores)
  • 2008: Six subspecialties were eligible for rankings
  • 2009: Best Children’s Hospital Honor Roll was established; the number of eligible subspecialties for rankings increased from six to 10
  • 2015-2016: First time it was required to rank in the top 10 percent in three or more specialties to qualify for the Best Children’s Hospital Honor Roll

Why is the survey important?

The short answer is, the survey holds us accountable. It helps us measure our efforts to improve outcomes for our patients. By completing the survey, and actually going through the process of collecting and analyzing our information, we are able to hold a mirror up and make sure we are doing everything we can for our patients. It’s one of the many tools we use to drive improvement at every level of the patient experience.

Since 2009 when the Best Children’s Hospital Honor Roll was created, Texas Children’s has been on the list. We’re incredibly proud that all our hard work is recognized, but we do what we do for our patients. They are – and always will be – our number one priority.

Maybe I should ask marketing about some bumper stickers?


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