Periwinkle Arts in Medicine Program partners with Houston Symphony

The Periwinkle Arts in Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers recently partnered with the Houston Symphony. As part of this collaboration, four community-embedded musicians visit and perform at our patients’ bedsides, lead small music education classes and work with Purple Songs Can Fly to create original songs.

The musicians get to know our patients while also providing them with beautiful music. It is apparent that they really connect. The purpose of the partnership is to expose patients to classical music and give them some sense of normalcy they may not feel while being in the hospital.


About Carol Herron, Arts In Medicine program coordinator

I've been fortunate to grow the Arts in Medicine Program at Texas Children's Cancer Center since its inception in 1997.

With a Master's degree in Recreation Therapy, experience in psychiatric health care and physical rehabilitation, and a passion for including the arts in the healing process, my experience at Texas Children's has been an incredible journey. Today, we have over 90 volunteers and artists from community arts organizations large and small.

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