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Immunodeficiency awareness & severe combined immunodeficiency newborn screening

…  for a cure. [caption id="attachment_24388" align="alignright" width="360"] Figure 4. SCID Newborn Screen map, United States, from the …

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Welcoming the first Pediatric Orthopedic Physician Assistant Fellows

For the past three years, Texas Children’s Hospital has invested in the training of physician assistants (PAs) through our Pediatric Surgery Fellowship. The success of the program has paved the way for the development of a new fellowship, one focused …

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Reagan’s story

Our daughter, Reagan Leigh, was born in March 2007. The first few months of her life were relatively normal. Like all new parents, we were adjusting to sleep deprivation while learning to console a fussy, colicky baby, or so we thought at the time. When …

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Put your best fork forward and choose whole grains

…  health benefits. Although many products now contain “enriched” flour, which may add vitamins back into the refined grain, much of …  refined grain. Also, be sure to steer clear of the words enriched or bleached on the ingredient list. When purchasing bread, look for …

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The best and worst day

…  have met some wonderful people and participated in some enriching events. The CHD community of patients, parents and professionals has …

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