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As a Pediatric Neuropsychologist, I am interested in the complex cognitive, behavioral and socioemotional effects of developmental and acquired brain abnormalities/injuries. Such information acquired through formal evaluation can be useful in diagnosing brain injury or dysfunction, tracking a progressive or resolving clinical course, understanding the functional consequences, and recommending interventions through school or otherwise to address these deficits.

In making such recommendations, it is equally important to consider how relative neuropsychological strengths/assets can be used to promote development. A child’s unique combinations of neuropsychological assets and liabilities must also be considered in the context of home and school environments as to how best to promote development and how to remove or minimize barriers to development.

Sleep For Teenagers: How To Improve Your Teen’s Sleep Habits

In yesterday’s blog post, I used the term “sleep hygiene”. Good sleep hygiene comprises behaviors promoting good quality and quantity of sleep and also avoiding behaviors that interfere with this. … Full Entry »

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Sleep For Teenagers: The Science Behind A Good Night’s Rest

“To sleep: perchance (my teen): ay, there’s the rub” There is the rub indeed. If Shakespeare had teenagers, he might have had Hamlet say these words. For what parent has … Full Entry »

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