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About Dr. Mark W. Kline, Physician-in-Chief

I am the Physician-in-Chief of Texas Children's Hospital and also president of the BCM International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI), where I oversee an ambitious program that encompasses HIV/AIDS care and treatment and health professional education and training programs in 20 African countries, Mexico, Romania, Ukraine and China.

I have been treating children with HIV/AIDS since the epidemic first surfaced among these youngest of patients in the late 1980s.

How a blueprint for treating HIV/AIDS is helping address childhood cancer in Africa

This blog was co-authored by Mark W. Kline, M.D. and John Damonti. Roughly 15,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed annually among American children. Eighty percent of these children ultimately are … Full Entry »

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Children Deserve Access to the Best Care

The end of this month marks the deadline to sign up for a Marketplace health insurance plan. Unfortunately, for many families, simply having health insurance coverage doesn’t guarantee access to … Full Entry »

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Vision For The Future To Combat Serious Infectious Diseases

When Texas Children’s Hospital opened its doors in 1954, its founders made clear the hospital’s commitment: To care for every sick or hurt child, with no restrictions on religion, color … Full Entry »

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Texas Children’s Is Prepared If Ebola Strikes

With the first case of Ebola virus disease in the United States diagnosed just last week, many Americans are left wondering, “Could it spread across the country?” Although it is … Full Entry »

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Matching To Texas Children’s Hospital

Match day is traditionally known as the day soon-to-be medical school graduates find out where they will be spending the next few years of their lives as residents. After years … Full Entry »

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