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How pediatric hospitals earn national rankings

Texas Children’s Hospital does not have bumper stickers. If we did, we’d share one similar to the “proud parents of an honor roll student,” except ours would say “proud to … Full Entry »

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Our reason to celebrate

Ten years ago this summer, just before our son Michael began his sophomore year of high school, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It took months of seeing various specialists … Full Entry »

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Connect with Texas Children’s!

Texas Children’s is on multiple social media channels. Connect with us to stay up to date with the latest Texas Children’s news and stories.

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Food allergies: Always being prepared

We were guilty of the adage “ignorance is bliss.” Allergic to food? Sure, we’d heard stories, but we never knew anyone who had a life-threatening food allergy. The concept was foreign to us, … Full Entry »

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Headaches reveal brain cancer diagnoses

I never imagined my 13-year-old daughter’s headaches would lead to a brain cancer diagnosis. My daughter started suffering from headaches with increasing intensity over a three and a half week … Full Entry »

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