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Recent data shows FluMist less effective than shot

As we settle in to the swing of summer vacations and family trips, the last thing on many parents’ minds is the flu. This week, though, the Advisory Committee on … Full Entry »

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Texas Infectious Diseases that Could Make Headline News in 2016

Texas has an expanding population that will reach 30 million by the year 2020, a geographic area larger than France, and a $1.4 trillion economy approximating the size of Australia. … Full Entry »

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2015 Monthly News Round-Up: Top Stories From November

In November, Dr. Judith Campbell, medical director of infection control, discussed how the Special Isolation Unit at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus was specifically created to care for children with … Full Entry »

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Flu Season 2015: How can I care for my sick child?

It’s, “ah…ah…ah… [flu]uuu” season, and the sounds of sniffles, sneezes and coughing have been echoing through our emergency center walls! Caring for a sick child is not always easy or … Full Entry »

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My Child Has Flu-Like Symptoms: Where And When Should I Seek Medical Help?

The flu season is definitely in full swing and many pediatricians’ offices, urgent care clinics, and emergency centers have been seeing large volumes of children with flu-like symptoms arrive daily. … Full Entry »

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