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He’s a survivor

Knowledge is always humbling. Cardiology and cardiovascular surgery is never routine. We have expectations based on past experiences, however, we must always be open and prepared for something new. Such is … Full Entry »

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Half a heart: Aiden’s story

If you were to look at our happy, mischievous, funny and extremely active almost 2-year-old, you would never think he only has half a heart. Never. But he does. Aiden … Full Entry »

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Heart failure in children: A difficult diagnosis to make

One of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of caring for children with heart failure is making the correct diagnosis. Acute heart failure syndromes are known to mimic the most … Full Entry »

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Preparing for a kids triathlon

Last year, I decided I wanted to do the Houston Texans Kids Triathlon presented by Texas Children’s Hospital because I have a passion for running and biking. Some of my neighborhood … Full Entry »

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Hypoplastic left heart syndrome: Stockton’s story

It’s amazing to think that one moment can change your life. That one moment can guide you down so many pathways; sometimes losing you and sometimes finding yourself. For me, … Full Entry »

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