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Our experience in the NICU at Texas Children’s

I have wanted kids for as long as I can remember. There was nothing in this world I wanted more than to be a mother. When Aaron and I got married, I … Full Entry »

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What does being a Level 4 NICU mean?

As any parent knows, when you have a new baby there is so much to learn. Every baby is different and your life with a new child can, at times, … Full Entry »

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Invisible disabilities: Advocating for the unseen

Parents of preemies often remark on how one can never quite seem to leave the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) behind. Sometimes they are referring to the emotional effects of a … Full Entry »

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Hopeful, not optimistic

  On Jan 15, 2009 (which happened to be my 28th birthday), I had my very first ultrasound for my first pregnancy. While scanning me, the doctor turned the screen and asked … Full Entry »

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Newborn FAQ

Healthy, full-term newborns are some of my favorite people! To many new parents, however, they can be quite confusing. Here are the some of the most frequently asked questions I … Full Entry »

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