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News flash—babies cry

If Hollywood was your only source of information about babies, you may think that most of their time is spent in peaceful slumber or cooing happily. The reality is babies … Full Entry »

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Immunodeficiency awareness & severe combined immunodeficiency newborn screening

Figure 1. David Vetter, “the bubble boy” at Texas Children’s Hospital April is Immunodeficiency Awareness Month where we acknowledge the remarkable advances in the identification and treatment of severe combined … Full Entry »

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Explaining behavior therapy to children and teens

Behavior therapy refers to a modality of psychotherapy designed to help parents develop effective strategies for managing their child’s behaviors. Behavior therapy also teaches children healthy ways of managing their … Full Entry »

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Preparing to stay at the Texas Children’s Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Every day many patients and families enter Texas Children’s Hospital from a variety of cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and unique healthcare experiences. To best meet the unique needs of a diverse patient population, … Full Entry »

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Top 5 fever myths and facts

For many parents, fever is one of the most concerning and alarming symptoms a child can have. There are many scary fever myths out there – and it’s time to … Full Entry »

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