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U.S. News 2017-2018 survey recognizes Texas Children’s as 4th in nation

We are proud to share Texas Children’s Hospital continues to earn national recognition as a leader in pediatric health care, ranking fourth among the approximately 187 pediatric centers surveyed by … Full Entry »

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Thirdhand smoke – after the cigarette goes out the harm continues

Do you ever go into a home where there are smokers and it reeks of smoke even though no one is smoking there at the time? Smoke does not just … Full Entry »

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Children with Down syndrome should see an ENT specialist

Occurring in 1 of 700 live births, Down syndrome remains the most common chromosome abnormality of children in the United States. Otolaryngologic, or ear, nose and throat (ENT), problems are … Full Entry »

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7 reasons why we need to raise the age for sale of tobacco products

1. Tobacco causes disease and death. The rapidly developing brains of youth are highly susceptible to nicotine addiction. Ninety percent of adults who use tobacco started as teenagers.

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Pulmonary hypertension: Kayleigh’s story

Kayleigh was a healthy child, other than being diagnosed with a heart murmur at birth. She played soccer, was a camo belt in Tae Kwon Do, she took dance, gymnastic, … Full Entry »

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