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Learning more about our Cardiac Developmental Outcomes Program

This blog was originally shared here. School is now in full swing and the change in seasons is just around the corner. The beginning of a new school year is … Full Entry »

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Tuberous sclerosis: Aiden’s story

“Do not research this disease on the Internet when you get home.” This odd, but stern discharge instruction given to us by our infant son’s new neurologist felt more like … Full Entry »

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Savannah’s story: Bilateral ureteral reimplantation with da Vinci surgical robot

“I’d like to send her in for some tests.” Something you never want to hear from a doctor, but a recommendation we nearly dismissed. We had enjoyed a trouble-free pregnancy, … Full Entry »

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Sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes

Sudden cardiac arrest, also known as SCA, is a non-traumatic, nonviolent and unexpected event resulting in the sudden death of a previously healthy child. Every year, an estimated 20 to … Full Entry »

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Prioritizing learning the details to create a foundation

By Kara Kinsley, physician assistant pediatric surgical fellow On the northeast side of the Republic of the Congo, there is a small town on the Oubangi River called Impfondo. This … Full Entry »

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