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Savannah’s story: Bilateral ureteral reimplantation with da Vinci surgical robot

“I’d like to send her in for some tests.” Something you never want to hear from a doctor, but a recommendation we nearly dismissed. We had enjoyed a trouble-free pregnancy, … Full Entry »

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Sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes

Sudden cardiac arrest, also known as SCA, is a non-traumatic, nonviolent and unexpected event resulting in the sudden death of a previously healthy child. Every year, an estimated 20 to … Full Entry »

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Prioritizing learning the details to create a foundation

By Kara Kinsley, physician assistant pediatric surgical fellow On the northeast side of the Republic of the Congo, there is a small town on the Oubangi River called Impfondo. This … Full Entry »

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Coronary artery anomalies: Why pre-participation screenings can be vital

Recent news stories have brought coronary artery anomalies (CAAs) to the forefront and garnered the attention of a mainstream audience because of the tragic outcomes they can cause; namely, the … Full Entry »

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Sharing Noah’s story

When Craig and I had our baby boy, Noah, we were elated. However, by the time he was 10 weeks old we started to notice he was not acting normally. … Full Entry »

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