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National Organ Donor Day: To my dear angel donor

To my dear angel donor, Hi my name is Mavy, I’m17-years-old and thanks to you I am the happiest girl alive. I am a normal teen living the life every … Full Entry »

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Liver transplant: Reid’s story

Reid’s pediatrician missed his diagnosis, even though he presented with all of the symptoms. We trusted her opinion as we had been going to her for four years. At his … Full Entry »

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Celebrating 10 years with a new heart

Ten years ago, a family lost their daughter. Ten years ago, a 17-year-old lost her best friend. Ten years ago, friends, family and loved ones had to say goodbye to … Full Entry »

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2016 monthly news round-up: Top stories from June

In June, we’ve celebrated end of treatment bell ringings, learned how to gradually start working out postpartum, hung out with JJ Watt and learned The Woodlands is becoming a larger … Full Entry »

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Saying goodbye to the 2016 Transplant Games of America

Knowing the 2016 Transplant Games of America was coming to a close in Cleveland was a bittersweet occasion. Everyone who attended was sad to part ways and return home until 2018. … Full Entry »

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