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Top 5 pediatric health blogs of 2016

Happy New Year! To mark the end of the year, we’re sharing our five most popular blog posts from 2016. We’re always proud to share new information from our experts, … Full Entry »

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HPV vaccine: When opportunity knocks, answer

 Over the last eight years, I’ve captured stories of children and families affected by vaccine-preventable diseases, many of which I’ve shared on this blog. Families like the Lastinger’s who lost … Full Entry »

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Influenza vaccination: Why it’s not just about you

Coauthored by Carlie Machir, patient, and Rachel Cunningham, MPH As a mother of two, one of the lessons I’ve strived to teach my children is to think about others, not … Full Entry »

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Why the HPV vaccine might be your child’s most important vaccine

I am frequently asked about a vaccine called Gardasil, which is designed to prevent an infection caused by Human papillomavirus or HPV.  In this blog I will address some of … Full Entry »

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Recent data shows FluMist less effective than shot

As we settle in to the swing of summer vacations and family trips, the last thing on many parents’ minds is the flu. This week, though, the Advisory Committee on … Full Entry »

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