Anaphylaxis: Be prepared!


Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. It affects multiple body systems including the skin, gastrointestinal, respiratory and cardiovascular system. Symptoms can start within seconds or minutes of exposure to the allergic trigger and progress rapidly. Full Entry »

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Our congenital heart defect story: Part 3

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Every Friday during National Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Month each member of Hayes’ family will share their story and how they have been impacted by his diagnosis. 

My youngest brother, Hayes, was diagnosed with a heart defect when he was born two years ago. His heart defect was called Transposition of the Greater Artery, or TGA. Full Entry »

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Anesthesia and your child


“Will going under anesthesia hurt my child?” Every anesthesiologist and surgeon has been asked this question. Even though anesthesia is much safer today than ever before, every anesthesia exposure and surgery has an element of risk. In fact, it may be difficult to separate the risks of anesthesia from the risks of the surgery or medical procedure itself. Anesthesia is used to take away the pain and discomfort from your child and make it easier for a procedure to be accomplished in the best way possible. These benefits must be weighed against the risks of anesthesia itself. Full Entry »

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My journey from a patient to a scientist


I was living the life of luxury – chicken tenders were brought to me on call, buckets of toys were given to me daily and staying up until midnight was not optional, but mandatory. With endless hours of fun and no restrictions, I was living the dream of every child – a 24/7 sleepover! Full Entry »

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National Organ Donor Day: To my dear angel donor


To my dear angel donor,

Hi my name is Mavy, I’m17-years-old and thanks to you I am the happiest girl alive. I am a normal teen living the life every teenager deserves to live. You see, when I was 1-year-old I was diagnosed with biliary atresia (BA), which is a rare disease commonly diagnosed in infants. This disease affects your liver. With BA, the bile is kept in your liver, when it’s supposed to release it throughout the body. I only had months to live when my parents rushed me to the hospital. They were devastated when they learned the odds of me surviving where slim. My parents waited and prayed for a cure but the only thing they could do was wait for a donor. Full Entry »

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