Essential Summer Safety Kit For Parents

Temperatures are rising and that only means one thing… summer is here!

Parents need to be prepared for a variety of summer outings whether it’s going on vacation or making a trip to the park.

I recommend putting together a summer safety kit and keeping it in a convenient place so it’s easy to grab when heading out the door.

Some important items that should be in this kit include: Full Entry »

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18th World Transplant Games — Götenberg, Sweden

world-transplant-game-athletesCongratulations to everyone on the USA team for a remarkable second place finish in the World Transplant Games (WTG) Medal Count (Gold 47, Silver 38, Bronze 27)! But as Gary Green, our Team USA manager, so eloquently said, “…it’s not really about the medals but about the friendships and the camaraderie that this event brings to everyone connected with it.” We agree that the World Transplant Games is a contest with all winners! Without donors, none of these transplants would have been possible.

It all began on June 18th with Sweden’s Prince Daniel, himself a kidney transplant recipient, officially opening the ceremonies. Ryan Flores, Carson Kainer and Leslie Meigs were the three participating transplant athletes sponsored by the Renrena-dee-at-world-transplant-gamesal Quality of Life Program at Texas Children’s Hospital. In addition to their families, I was thrilled to be a part of their supporting fans. Leslie and Carson participated in Team Volleyball and the USA played against the UK, Italy and France. Ryan and Carson participated in both Team Golf and Team Bowling. In the Men’s 18-29, they took the Bronze for Bowling. They bowled a total of 856 for three games. What a celebration we had at Strikes & Co!

As the organizing country, Sweden was allowed to add one sport Full Entry »

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Chairing A Conference: Spirituality in Pediatrics

Just about two years ago, I was asked to chair the upcoming 2011 Conference on Spirituality in Pediatrics. Little did I know at the time what an amazing journey this would be! It seemed like I had so much time to plan and now I find that it is just around the corner. It will be held October 26-28, 2011 at the Marriott Medical Center.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Conference, this is actually our sixth biennial gathering. Since 2001, the volunteers of The Auxiliary to Texas Children’s Hospital have organized, marketed and staffed a conference on the subject of Spirituality in Pediatrics. This much-needed conference began because members of the auxiliary recognized that pediatric patients have specific spiritual needs as they face their illnesses and they have a very unique way of expressing those needs. Through the years, we have seen our attendance grow to include pediatric professionals from across the country and now from around the world. Our attendees span the scope of health care — their will be physicians, nurses, social workers, child life specialists and chaplains in attendance.

Each year, the conference chair has had the opportunity to choose the theme for the conference. This year’s conference is titled Full Entry »

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Making Sure Your Holiday Weekend Is Both Fun And Safe

children-celebrating-4th-of-julyIt’s a red, white and blue themed weekend and I’m sure many of you are gearing up for a festive Fourth of July. But whether you’re planning a family barbecue, heading to see a fireworks show or taking a dip in the pool, I want to remind parents to take extra safety precautions this weekend. Although fireworks and sparklers are typically synonymous with Independence Day, remember that this year all firecrackers are banned throughout Houston and many of the neighboring suburbs because of the current dry conditions. In addition, fireworks are dangerous and should not be handled in areas where children are present.

With temperatures forecasted in the upper 90s this weekend, remember to keep your children hydrated with plenty of water and make sure they are wearing Full Entry »

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I Don’t Wonder “If”, I Wonder “When”…

A few days ago, someone asked me how I feel about delivering the same safety messages time after time, month after month, year after year. He had seen me on the news the previous night as I talked about water safety, which ironically aired at the same time yet another child drowned.

Without hesitation, I found myself giving him a 2-part response:

  1. After almost 4 years of doing this, I don’t wonder “if”, I wonder “when”… a child will be killed in a car crash, drown during a pool party, be left in a hot car, suffer a head injury… or think of another injury, and fill in the blank yourself.
  2. If just one person listens to me each time I do an interview or presentation, and really takes my advice to heart, then I can feel a small glimmer of hope and success.

In this line of work, we dream of a day when no children Full Entry »

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