Evaluating Winter Flu Symptoms

Young Child With FluEvery parent of a small child this season involves winter flu symptoms and whether their baby is “too sick” with cough and nasal congestion and/or runny nose.

For most caretakers, presence of cough during the night, vomiting after coughing, not eating, and fever are the reasons most parents’ fears escalate. As an experienced emergency room physician and private practice pediatrician, I can offer my thoughts concerning when a child is becoming too ill with these symptoms to be taken care of at home. Full Entry »

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CMV: Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About This Virus

Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the most common virus that most people haven’t heard of.

Most every one will catch CMV at some time in their life and never know they have it.

If a woman gets CMV for the first time while she is pregnant, she can be in a potentially dangerous situation. CMV infects almost 1 out of every 100 newborns in the country and is the most common congenital infection. Full Entry »

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When It Comes To Your Child, One Size Does Not Fit All

Would you see a cardiologist for your foot problem?

Would you see a surgeon if you had the flu?

The answer to these two questions is most likely “no”. Yet, every day, we see parents willing to have their child’s radiologic examinations and procedures (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, Ultrasounds) interpreted and performed by Full Entry »

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Dietary Supplements: The History Lesson Every Family Needs To Know

Blue Pills Spilling From BottleIn the United States, we believe in checks and balances from the Federal Government to the hospital. Our assumption is that there is someone safeguarding the consumer. In recent years, we’ve seen the consequences when no one is watching businesses and banks. Full Entry »

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Where To Find Information About Intensive Care

Most people have heard of intensive care units (ICUs). But when a loved one gets admitted to an ICU, lots of people realize that they don’t really understand what’s going on.

So, they hop on the internet and start looking for answers. Full Entry »

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