What Parents Need To Know About The CT Scan And Their Child

CT (formerly known as CAT scanning) is arguable one of the most important medical diagnostic tools of the last century. The speed of access, quality of images and accessibility to patients make this test invaluable when we have questions about the head, chest, abdomen and spine. Sometimes it is the only test that can give us the answers. But, parents need to understand the risks of the procedure, as it pertains to their child.

The more obvious risks are exceedingly rare, including those associated with allergic reactions to the intravenous contrast (dye), the intravenous needle leaking and risk of a bad reaction to sedation (if required). Like I said, these are all extremely rare. The risk that frequently does not get talked about is the potential risk from radiation exposure. This is partly because we are not exactly sure about the magnitude of the risk. What we DO know is that if your physician is considering a CT scan the most important question is “do the benefits of the CT scan outweigh the risk?” And available data indicates the the risk of developing cancer related to a single CT scan is very small.

So how does a parent begin to understand these issues? Full Entry »

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Hearing Aids And Children

For some reason, people (adults and children) do not want to wear hearing aids, while they seem to accept glasses readily. This always puzzles me. I mean, isn’t it just as important to hear in school as it is to see?

Hearing is very important for speech, learning and behavior in school. Sustained hearing loss leads to speech problems, difficulty acquiring new concepts in school and can even lead to problems when the children get off task. Children with hearing loss are often labeled as stubborn or uninvolved when they actually can’t hear the instructions in the classroom. Parents also can fall into the trap of thinking that their child is just obstinate or too engrossed in the TV or video games… and not consider hearing loss as the real culprit.

We have done studies that have shown that parents, even very observant parents, may have a hard time telling if their child is hearing well or not. We think that this can be due to several factors… Full Entry »

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Veteran CBS Journalist Bob Schieffer Highlights His Recent Visit To Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center

Last week, we had a very special visitor at Texas Children’s Cancer Center: legendary journalist and Texas native Bob Schieffer. During his visit, Mr. Schieffer toured the Cancer Center and met with our own Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer. Well, this visit made a big impression on the veteran reporter, because on Sunday’s Face the Nation, Mr. Schieffer praised Texas Children’s and spotlighted the unprecedented $9.1 million recently raised for the genomic research program at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

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Twins, Triplets And Quadruplets… Oh My!

Pregnant women carrying multiples are at higher risk and have different requirements when compared to those carrying a single fetus.

In November 2009, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published new guidelines regarding weight gain during pregnancy and provisional guidelines for women carrying multiple fetuses. The guidelines do not address women carrying triplets or more, but the provisional guidelines for women carrying twins are based on body mass index (BMI) and are as follows:

  • Women with a normal BMI should gain between 37 – 54 pounds
  • Women with a BMI in the overweight category should gain between 31 – 50 pounds
  • Women with a BMI in the obese category should gain between 25 – 42 pounds Full Entry »
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Heal Sick Children Campaign Reaches $400 Million Milestone

As some of you may know, in 2006, Texas Children’s Hospital launched the Heal Sick Children campaign. Our goal was to raise $400 million to help us pay for our Vision 2010 initiatives.

Today, I am pleased to share some very exciting news about a new milestone we’ve reached in this campaign.

Watch this video below to find out more about this wonderful accomplishment.


I want to extend a great big thank you to the more than 167,000 individuals who helped us reach this significant target.

But just because we’ve already passed this number, doesn’t mean we’re going to stop now — there is more work to be done. Full Entry »

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