How a pediatrician prepares her child for vaccines

Young boy receives vaccine injection

I am preparing to bring my youngest child in for her 4 year old checkup and worrying about how she will do with her vaccines. As a pediatrician, I know there are three shots she will get: the polio vaccine, the tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis booster and the measles/mumps/rubella/varicella booster. I know these vaccines are important for keeping her healthy and safe. As a mom, I know she remembers what shots are from her last difficult-to-treat ear infection, when we had to go in to the office for three injections in a row because her oral antibiotics just weren’t working. Do I tell her about the vaccines ahead of time and emphasize that bravery is something you only get to practice when you are scared (pretty esoteric for an almost 4 year old), or do I spring it on her at the end of her visit so she doesn’t spend her checkup worrying about it (ambush vaccines)? Either way, I am profoundly grateful to have the opportunity to fret about the best way to tell her she is getting these medicines that will help her stay healthy, out of the hospital and in school. Currently my youngest goes to a pre-K class that has 27 other children, and I am amazed how many of these families with active kids travel internationally and frequently. At recess, twice a day, she plays outside with two other classrooms, about 60 plus kids. That in itself is quite an immune challenge, just with the number of kids involved! Full Entry »

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ACHD: Being the tallest and oldest patient at Texas Children’s


While working out with my wife one Saturday morning in September, I pushed myself harder than normal, trying to show off, and ended up laying on the ground saying, “I can’t go any more.” From that moment forward, I started to notice I would reach that “too winded to go on” feeling during a workout faster and faster.  Full Entry »

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Meet the pediatrician: Dr. Steven Cook


At Texas Children’s Pediatrics, we understand the importance of feeling completely comfortable with your child’s primary care physician. To help you get to know our pediatrician better, we decided to sit down with them and do a short Q&A. Full Entry »

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New juice consumption recommendations for infants and children

Close-up Of Biracial Toddler Drinking Orange Juice

Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines when it comes to kids and juice. So what does this mean for your children? Full Entry »

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A toy cabinet for Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands


Requirement five of the Boy Scout handbook says, “While a Life Scout, plan, develop and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school or your community.” This means a scout must complete an Eagle Scout Project to advance to Rank Eagle, the highest rank in Boy Scouts. Full Entry »

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