Transplant Program at Texas Children’s Hospital

At Texas Children’s, we have one of the largest, most active pediatric transplantation programs in the nation, performing nearly 1,500 transplants since our program’s inception in 1988. Our team is dedicated to providing all patients with excellent medical care, timely communication and family-centered education. Full Entry »

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Microtia and atresia 101

The Microtia/Atresia Program at Texas Children’s Hospital has been caring for children since 2008. We are a multidisciplinary care team that includes board-certified pediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and an audiologist (hearing specialist) to help create a comprehensive treatment plan. We offer treatment options and a unique plan for each patient including bone-anchored hearing aids, middle ear implant and microtia and atresia surgical repair.  Full Entry »

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Meet the Pediatrician: Dr. Sherri Sandifer


At Texas Children’s Pediatrics, we understand the importance of feeling completely comfortable with your child’s primary care physician. To help you get to know our pediatricians better, we decided to sit down with them and do a short Q&A.

Learn more about Dr. Sherri Sandifer, pediatrician at Texas Children’s Pediatrics Cypresswood, below: Full Entry »

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Why do we need protein and where should we get it from?


Protein is one of the three macronutrients our bodies require in order to function. Proteins are the building blocks of our tissues, muscles, hair, enzymes, antibodies, etc. Protein is very important, particularly during periods of growth, exercise and injury. Protein is made up of amino acids. The body needs 22 amino acids, nine of which we MUST obtain from foods. A complete protein is one which contains all of the essential amino acids our body needs. Full Entry »

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How a blueprint for treating HIV/AIDS is helping address childhood cancer in Africa

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This blog was co-authored by Mark W. Kline, M.D. and John Damonti.

Roughly 15,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed annually among American children. Eighty percent of these children ultimately are cured, which is a remarkable medical success story. But in sub-Saharan Africa, where about 100,000 new cases of pediatric cancer occur annually and 90 percent of those children will die, the story is different. It’s a story of disparate access to lifesaving care and treatment, and one that — thanks to a new public-private partnership — we are taking action to change.

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