4 tips for National Nutrition Month


March is National Nutrition Month! This is a nutrition education and information campaign created every year by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This year’s National Nutrition Month theme is “Put Your Best Fork Forward.” Full Entry »

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Premature bone loss and eating disorders

Doctor examining x-ray image.

Eating disorders are serious and treatable illnesses with medical and psychiatric aspects. The most recent (2013) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DMS-5) recognizes all the eating disorders with the most common being anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and binge eating disorder as diagnosable eating disorders. Some eating disorders combine elements of multiple diagnostic classifications, these are known as “other specified feeding or eating disorder,” (OSFED). Full Entry »

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Enamel erosion and dental caries: To ask or not to ask about an eating disorder?

Child having a dental examination

I was at my orthodontist not too long ago for a root canal. For those of you who know what this is like, the last thing you can or want to do is to have a casual conversation during such a procedure. Imagine this scene. My dentist kept talking away and posing questions about how I managed eating disorders in teenagers; how could he improve his interviewing skills to screen for eating disorders and send his patients to my program. All I could do was listen and gather my thoughts. In his line of work he was seeing patients with bad dental caries (tooth decay) from purging or vomiting. I learned from him that regurgitated acid is more likely to cause erosion of the teeth than caries. A poor diet and dental hygiene is more likely to cause caries. With half of my face numbed and my mouth drooling, I shared some main points with him that would be relevant to his practice. Full Entry »

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Eating disorders: It’s Time to Talk About It


Eating disorders – two words that are often accompanied by feelings of uncertainty and discomfort. While the concern for these disorders is not unwarranted, avoidance of their discussion and the lack of encouragement to seek help are identified as two of the top barriers to seeking and receiving care in this population. That is why during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, the National Eating Disorders Association’s (NEDA) theme is – “It’s Time to Talk About It.” Removing shame and stigma starts by getting educated and learning how to address concerns you may have for your loved one. Full Entry »

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Growing up with a congenital heart defect

congenital heart defect

I was born with Tetrology of Fallot. I had two corrective surgeries – one at 7-months-old and another when I was two-and-a-half years old. I am 17-years-old now and I’m often asked what it’s like to live with a heart defect. Honestly, I can’t really answer that question. By definition, it is something I was born with so I have nothing to compare it to because it’s my normal. I know the scar from my procedures makes me look a little different than many of my peers. However, I’m not ashamed of my scar. I have never tried to cover it with makeup and I’m okay with answering the questions I get from the people that notice it. Full Entry »

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