Antibiotics 101

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It’s not uncommon for parents to bring their child to their pediatrician for any minor illness asking for an antibiotic thinking it will fix their child right up. This overuse mentality contributes to antibiotic-resistant superbugs which are a growing problem for kids. A recent study, conducted by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, found an increase in antibiotic-resistant infections from salmonella and E. coli in the past eight years. Below I’ve listed a few tips to help know when your child should take antibiotics and how to properly take them. Full Entry »

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dad dropping lad at university
This blog was co-authored by Kierra Lee MPH, Marisa Hilliard PhD and Sarah Lyons MD

High school graduation is coming up soon. All those years of studying, doing homework and participating in extracurricular activities have finally paid off. This is a time of possibilities and some changes for all teenagers and their families. Full Entry »

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How much caffeine is too much?

Close Up Of Boy Drinking Soda From Bottle

Caffeinated beverages and foods, such as gourmet coffee drinks, sodas, iced teas, energy drinks, ice cream and candy are readily available to children and teens. However, as parents are purchasing these seemingly innocent treats for their children, they may be forgetting caffeine is actually a drug that stimulates the brain and nervous system. While lower levels may increase a person’s energy, mood and performance, too much caffeine can cause: Full Entry »

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Prevention is the best cure

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Prevalence of food allergies

A food allergy is an abnormal immune response or reaction to a food. It is a common health problem with one in 13 children in the U.S. suffering from some sort of food allergy. The top eight food allergens responsible for the majority of allergic reactions are milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. The prevalence of food allergies has been increasing for reasons not yet fully understood, although a combination of environmental and genetic factors appear to play a role. Full Entry »

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Fidget spinner craze: Help or hindrance?

Over the last few months, fidget spinners have become all the rage among children and adults in the United States. Fidget spinners are hand-held devices containing ball bearings that can be manipulated to spin between the fingers. Tens of millions have been sold in the U.S. Full Entry »

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