Breakfast facts

Young boy and girl enjoying their breakfast before school

I get asked on a daily basis about breakfast for kids as well as for mom and dad. Here are some frequently asked questions I thought I’d share with you! Full Entry »

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Top 5 pediatric health blogs of 2016


Happy New Year! To mark the end of the year, we’re sharing our five most popular blog posts from 2016. We’re always proud to share new information from our experts, inspiring patient stories and the good work that’s being done around the hospital. We thank you for your support and can’t wait to see what blogs 2017 brings! Full Entry »

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The rankings evolution – from reputation to quality


U.S. News & World Report first began including pediatric rankings as part of their Best Hospitals list in 1990. At this time, and for more than 15 years, the pediatric rankings were 100 percent reputational, based entirely on a survey asking pediatricians and pediatric specialists across the country to identify, in their opinion, the best children’s hospitals. Full Entry »

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Headaches reveal brain cancer diagnoses


I never imagined my 13-year-old daughter’s headaches would lead to a brain cancer diagnosis. My daughter started suffering from headaches with increasing intensity over a three and a half week period. During that time, I sought advice from a friend in the medical field, my daughter was examined by her Texas Children’s pediatrician and a Texas Children’s neurologist, and she was treated with an all-day outpatient IV medication at Texas Children’s West Campus in an attempt to break the headache cycle. Yet, the headaches continued and she was admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital for MRIs. While I was intent on relieving my daughter’s pain and getting to the root of the problem, never once did it cross my mind she was seriously ill. Just weeks before, my daughter was the picture of perfect health – doing well in 8th grade, playing sports, attending camp and vacationing with family. Full Entry »

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Trampoline parks and injuries on the rise!

Trampoline fun

Kids (and adults) of all ages cannot seem to resist the allure of trampolines! Although sky-high jumping and daring flips and stunts may seem like a fun and easy way to exercise or occupy those lazy afternoons, parents should be aware that recreational trampoline use can lead to increased injuries! Full Entry »

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