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In remembrance of Dr. Denton A. Cooley

Dr. Denton A. Cooley passed away last Friday, Nov. 18, 2016, at the age of 96. Dr. Cooley was a legendary surgeon with an immense impact on medicine and surgery. … Full Entry »

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Learning more about our Cardiac Developmental Outcomes Program

This blog was originally shared here. School is now in full swing and the change in seasons is just around the corner. The beginning of a new school year is … Full Entry »

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Sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes

Sudden cardiac arrest, also known as SCA, is a non-traumatic, nonviolent and unexpected event resulting in the sudden death of a previously healthy child. Every year, an estimated 20 to … Full Entry »

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He’s a survivor

Knowledge is always humbling. Cardiology and cardiovascular surgery is never routine. We have expectations based on past experiences, however, we must always be open and prepared for something new. Such is … Full Entry »

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Heart failure in children: A difficult diagnosis to make

One of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of caring for children with heart failure is making the correct diagnosis. Acute heart failure syndromes are known to mimic the most … Full Entry »

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