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My journey from a patient to a scientist

I was living the life of luxury – chicken tenders were brought to me on call, buckets of toys were given to me daily and staying up until midnight was … Full Entry »

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Preparing to stay at the Texas Children’s Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Every day many patients and families enter Texas Children’s Hospital from a variety of cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and unique healthcare experiences. To best meet the unique needs of a diverse patient population, … Full Entry »

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Infantile spasms: What parents need to know

“In some cases, silence is dangerous.” – Saint Ambrose This well-known saying no doubt has a powerful meaning and in the case of our son, the most dangerous silence was … Full Entry »

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Matthew’s story

When Matthew was 6 months old and we lived in New Jersey, I noticed he didn’t use his right side very much. He kept his right hand clenched in a fist, never … Full Entry »

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Tuberous sclerosis: Aiden’s story

“Do not research this disease on the Internet when you get home.” This odd, but stern discharge instruction given to us by our infant son’s new neurologist felt more like … Full Entry »

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