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Which to apply first, bug spray or sunscreen?

With Zika becoming more prevalent and the summer sun beating down, it can be hard to know what to apply first. Do you protect your family from the sun? From … Full Entry »

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2016 Monthly News Round-Up: Top Stories From April

In April, the Department of Surgery welcomed a new class of physician assistant fellows, we performed four kidney transplants in one day, learned how donor milk can help moms in … Full Entry »

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Half a heart: Aiden’s story

If you were to look at our happy, mischievous, funny and extremely active almost 2-year-old, you would never think he only has half a heart. Never. But he does. Aiden … Full Entry »

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Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: James’ story

My husband and I waited 18 years to have a child. So when I found out I was pregnant, we were so excited. We love children and now we were going … Full Entry »

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5 common questions about the pill

Adolescents often have many preconceived ideas about how contraceptive methods work and their side effects. When posed with questions about which methods might work best for their own needs, whether … Full Entry »

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