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Third Annual Mental Health Collaborative: Creating a Positive Journey in Transition

Life is full of transitions. We don’t ever really get to stay in the same place forever, and some of us might not want to! For children and teens, there … Full Entry »

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Working toward my dream

In the beginning of February 2009, while practicing for the U.S. Junior Olympics in Tae-kwon-do, I became injured during conditioning training and didn’t overcome the injury. In the days following … Full Entry »

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Bike safety 101

I remember learning how to ride a bike back in Suffield, Connecticut, where I grew up. One particular memory of mine is riding my older brother’s dirt bike which was way … Full Entry »

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Health starts with you

This post was co-authored by Cary Cain, MPH, RN, Community Outreach Coordinator, Section of Public Health Pediatrics, Texas Children’s Hospital and Kimberly Kay Lopez, DrPH, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Texas School … Full Entry »

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Why we chose the PA fellowship at Texas Children’s

What is a physician assistant (PA)? A Physician Assistant works alongside physicians, nurses, pharmacist and other health care providers to provide optimal care to patients. Here at Texas Children’s, within … Full Entry »

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