Cat scratch disease: What parents need to know

playing with a kitten

Cat scratch disease is an illness that can occur after being bitten or scratched by a cat or following the bite of a flea. It is caused when the Bartonella henselae bacteria carried by cats or fleas gets under the skin in a human. Cats, and especially kittens, become infected with the cat scratch bacteria from fleas. Cats carrying the bacteria don’t get sick and don’t need to be treated. Full Entry »

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Chicken noodle soup and collateral damage

Let’s talk about blood for a minute. We all have it, we all need it to live, but really what IS it? Full Entry »

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The fingerprints of God

Every Friday during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we will be sharing Patrick’s journey.

Time. It provides us with perspective; a historical roadmap if you will. It illuminates our milestones and achievements. It obscures the insignificant. Most of all, time provides us with the ability to recognize the power of predestined intervention at critical moments in our lives. The mark of this intervention is nothing more than… the fingerprints of God. Full Entry »

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The Gold Club


We first learned of Sophia’s diagnosis on Easter Sunday in 2015. Sophia was turning 13 in a month, and was active in volleyball and basketball. She loved singing in the choir and was very active in her youth group at church. Full Entry »

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Changing the future of pediatric cancer treatment

Precision oncology is a term gaining popularity, but many are still unsure what that means. Precision oncology is tailoring cancer prevention and treatment strategies based upon the specific genetic mutations that are driving their individual cancer. Full Entry »

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