Child Passenger Safety: Car Seat Tips For Parents

Car Seat Safety
Did you know motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 1-12 years old? This week is Child Passenger Safety Week (September 14-20,2014) and Texas Children’s is spreading awareness in order to ensure your child’s safety while riding in a motorized vehicle. Many times deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of car seats, booster seats and seat belts, which is why we wanted to cover some basic car seat tips every parent should know: Full Entry »

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Major League Soccer vs. Power Soccer: First In The Nation

Have you heard of the Houston Fireballs? They are a power chair (i.e. electric wheelchair) soccer team made up of 13 young players in the Houston area. Recently the Fireballs went head-to-head against Houston’s own major league soccer team, the Dynamo and sister team, the Dash, in a charity cup match. I created the Fireballs to address the social isolation and loneliness that’s been observed in many pediatric patients who use power chairs. Many power chair users have disabilities such as, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries that leave them unable to participate in sports without assistance. What makes the Fireballs unique is that it’s a team sport that allows each power chair user to play and compete on their own – without any assistance.

On the day of the big match, the Dynamo and Dash players jumped into power chairs for the first time in their lives just twenty minutes before kicking off against the talented Fireballs. I invited a Houston Fireballs player who is a Texas Children’s patient, ‘Girl On Fire’ (aka Allie Funk), and Houston Dynamo mid-fielder, Tony Cascio, to share their experience playing against each other in the recent Dynamo Charity Cup Match: Full Entry »

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National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: A Mother’s Perspective

In my household, the month of September and the passing of Labor Day used to mean tucking away my white jeans, getting the kids settled at school and ordering Halloween costumes.

After my son’s cancer diagnosis in 2013, September will never be the same …EVER. The month now carries a sacred significance for our family and for all families touched each year by childhood cancer. Full Entry »

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Herbal Treatments in Menopause: Hype or Helpful?

It’s only natural that herbal remedies have emerged as a popular treatment option for menopausal women. While hormone therapy has long been a standard, effective treatment for hot flashes and other symptoms, concerns about its safety prompted a search for alternative therapies. Enter herbals, a seemingly desirable substitute. Full Entry »

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Vaccine-Preventable Disease: Facing Influenza

As a working mother, when I leave the office each day I try to put the daily stresses of my job behind me. However, some experiences are not easily forgotten. Over the past few years, I’ve worked on a project collecting stories of families who have been personally affected by a vaccine-preventable disease. Most recently, I’ve been working with families affected by influenza.

These families all share their story with the hopes of educating other parents about the importance of vaccination for influenza, more commonly known as the flu. These families have experienced tremendous trial, loss and hardship and their lives have been forever changed. Full Entry »

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