By The Numbers: Texas Children’s Neuroscience Center

Texas Children’s Neuroscience Center provides a complete continuum of care for neurologic and neurodevelopmental disorders in children. Our Neuroscience Center has 13 specialty clinics and programs in order to combine clinical care with easy access to surgery to offer patients and their families’ access to one comprehensive treatment location. In addition to the specialty clinics we also have the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute with 8 core laboratories to develop treatments for childhood neurological diseases. Our team and staff of 46 board-certified neurologists have been specially trained to understand the specific and unique needs of children and their parents. It is no secret that we are dedicated to improving the lives of patients facing devastating neurological disorders.

To learn more about Texas Children’s Neuroscience Center take a closer look at the infographic below: Full Entry »

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A Reflection On Our Year As The Inaugural Class Of Texas Children’s Hospital Physician Assistant Surgical Fellows

Fellows2 copy
It’s hard to believe our year as the first class of Texas Children’s Physician Assistant Surgical Fellows is coming an end. The four of us started the fellowship last January and throughout the past year it has proven to be an amazing learning experience for each of us. As we welcome the second year of new fellows, we wanted to reflect back and share some of the memories and experiences we gained at Texas Children’s Hospital over the last year:

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Vaccinating Against The Measles: What Every Parent Needs To Know

By now you have likely seen news stories and read articles regarding the measles outbreak that started at Disneyland. A popular vacation destination for families has been affected by an infection many Americans thought was impossible to catch. Measles’ presence in many other countries, including Europe, is highly contagious in nature and an increasing number of parents who don’t vaccinate their children create the perfect storm for measles making a comeback.  Full Entry »

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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Delivery

When I talk to patients about preparing for a hospital stay, I always recommend that they pack like they’re going to a hotel. Expect to be in the hospital for 1-4 days. Think about things that you would want to have that would make you feel more comfortable. Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women recommends you pack your overnight bag a few weeks before your due date. Below are some suggestions on what to pack: Full Entry »

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How A Smile Changes Everything When You Are A Parent


My husband, Bryan, and I were recently blessed with a happy and healthy baby boy named Austin. Austin’s first year was a healthy one, filled with little concern (other than the typical first time parent worries). He was always smiling and truly was the light of our house. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after Austin’s first birthday that we got our first major health scare. Full Entry »

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