Kids Eat Right Month: Healthy and fun school lunch ideas

School is back in session which means getting back into a routine. For some, packing a school lunch is part of that routine. When the first week of school rolls around we may have the motivation to pack creative lunches, pack lunch boxes the night before and have plenty of new meal ideas. However, as the year passes by, or on those nights where time disappears, goals of packing those creative first day lunches are long gone and we are in survival mode just trying to make sure our kids leave the door on time with food in their hand. Full Entry »

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Influenza vaccination: Why it’s not just about you

Coauthored by Carlie Machir, patient, and Rachel Cunningham, MPH

As a mother of two, one of the lessons I’ve strived to teach my children is to think about others, not just themselves. How many of you have heard yourself say, “It’s not just about you!”? If you’re anything like me, you hear it quite a bit. Whether I’m taking my youngest daughter shopping for new shoes while her older sister complains, or trying to explain to them we can’t go to the playground today because we’re making dinner for a friend with a new baby. I’m constantly trying to teach my children to grasp the bigger picture – that life is not always about you. This common parenting sentiment holds true for many things including vaccine-preventable diseases. With that in mind, and as we start the school year, we’re preparing for influenza season and this lesson remains as important as ever. Full Entry »

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Sharing Noah’s story


When Craig and I had our baby boy, Noah, we were elated. However, by the time he was 10 weeks old we started to notice he was not acting normally. We learned he was experiencing infantile spasms, a form of seizures. Full Entry »

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Tuberous sclerosis 101

2K12-0237-PVK_8259 Laser Ablation Epilepsy Surgery 5-25-2012 - photo by Paul Vincent Kuntz (1)

Tuberous sclerosis, also called tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), is a rare, multi-system genetic disease that causes tumors to grow in the brain and in other vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs and skin. It usually affects the central nervous system and results in a combination of symptoms including seizures, developmental delay, behavioral problems, autism, skin abnormalities, and kidney disease.

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What to ask your doctor when your child is in the pediatric ICU

2k15-0513-AK4_2849 CVICU

The very thought of your child requiring intensive care is terrifying. So if your son or daughter is ever admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), your overwhelming emotions and abundant questions are perfectly normal. Here is a quick guide to the PICU: Full Entry »

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