Fetal Imaging: The Importance Of Diagnostic Imaging And An Early Diagnosis

Fetal Imaging
At Texas Children’s Hospital we are committed to quickly and accurately diagnosing any complications during pregnancy by investing in advanced imagining technologies used by our expert team, who has been trained specifically in fetal diagnostics. Full Entry »

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Purple Songs Can Fly: Making A Difference For Cancer Patients At Texas Children’s Hospital

Christian Spear
There is a story that I was once told about two children and a blue bird. The children set out to find this blue bird, which was a symbol for happiness in the story. Over the course of a year the children look in various parts of the world for this bird, only to find upon returning home that the bird was there waiting for them the entire time. These very principles of survival, discovery and full circle growth are the foundation for which I build my life on today. However, about 15 years ago, I had a much different story to tell. Full Entry »

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Should Pregnant Women Get the Flu Shot?

Influenza (flu) vaccine season has begun. Starting typically in late November or early December (occasionally as early as October) the disease will be here so it’s important you and your family get vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu. But what if you are pregnant? Should you still get vaccinated? Full Entry »

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Youth Triathlons: Getting Kids Excited About Fitness

As parents, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to help mold children into healthy, active adults. In a society where inactivity and obesity are taking over, it has never been more important for sports and fitness to become a part of a child’s daily routine. The benefits of getting kids off of the sofa and away from the TV will stay with them for life. Competing in a youth triathlon can be a great way to get your children up and going and excited about fitness. A triathlon is a three-event race consisting of swimming, biking and running. In addition to be being a great way to keep your kids active this summer, it is also a lot of fun for the whole family. Full Entry »

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Advanced Image Processing And 3D Printing In Radiology

3d Printing
Radiology at Texas Children’s Hospital utilizes the method of advanced image processing by using new technologies such as 3D printing. This allows diagnostic images to be translated into exact 3D replicas used by surgeons and other physicians as they prepare for surgery and explain procedures or anomalies to patient families.

3D printing provides an extremely important educational tool because it allows the patient to hold their own heart, hip or pelvis in their hands and be able to visually see the abnormality and why it needs to be corrected. Full Entry »

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