Car seats and Puffy Jackets: What should you do to keep your children safe?

car seats and puffy jackets

Do you have trouble harnessing your child in the car seat when they are wearing a puffy or bulky jacket?  While we’ve had a very mild winter thus far, I think it’s important to remind parents that children should not be buckled into their car seat with their jackets on. Full Entry »

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What is a medical home?

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At Texas Children’s Pediatrics, we understand the importance of developing a trusting, long-term relationship with your child’s pediatrician. Doing so not only allows you to get to know your pediatrician – providing a consistent resource for your entire family – but also impacts your child’s health now and in the future. Full Entry »

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Ear Tubes 101

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Does your child suffer from multiple ear infections? If repeated courses of medications haven’t worked, there is a simple operation that is highly effective at helping children who suffer from these repeated ailments: ear tubes. Full Entry »

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Respiratory Infections and Radiology

2K10-0310-PVK_3307 Fluoroscopy - Pediatric Radiology

Why is it important to reschedule your child’s radiologic test if they have a respiratory infection and the test requires anesthesia? Full Entry »

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National TV Safety Day


The Super Bowl is a few days away. It’s a time for family and friends to gather around the TV and cheer for the best two teams in the NFL. Along with shopping for game-day snacks and wearing your team colors, there is something else you should do to prepare your home for the big game. February 6, the day before the Super Bowl, is National TV Safety Day. This is a national day of awareness in conjunction with Safe Kids Worldwide to encourage TV safety in the home. Full Entry »

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