By The Numbers: Texas Children’s Pediatric Anesthesiology

Texas Children’s Pediatric Anesthesiology Department’s mission is to provide your child with the highest quality anesthesia care that is both safe, and the best possible experience for both child and family. All care is delivered by expert pediatric anesthesiologists with the highest level of training, experience, and board certification in pediatric anesthesiology. Our focus is 100% on the children we care for, and you can rest assured that there is no better place for your child to have anesthesia for a procedure. Working with our entire team, we not only provide the best possible care during the anesthetic, but help plan before, and after the anesthetic to help your child recover faster and have excellent pain relief. And, many people may not know that besides providing anesthesia for surgery, our pediatric anesthesiologists are involved in care all over Texas Children’s Hospital, including in radiology and many other non-surgical procedures that require sedation or anesthesia.

To learn more about Texas Children’s Pediatric Anesthesiology take a closer look at the infographic below: Full Entry »

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Collaborative For Children: Preparing Children For Success

The Collaborative for Children is a Houston-based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization focused on building a strong educational foundation for young children to succeed in school and life. Since 1987, the Collaborative for Children has helped parents and early childhood educators throughout a 13-county region in the Texas Gulf Coast prepare young children to reach their first day of school on track and equipped to succeed. Full Entry »

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Hurricane Season: Tips For Expectant Moms And Families

As we come up on the last couple months of hurricane season here in Houston, it’s important to remind yourself what to do in case an emergency occurs. It’s even more important to consider your options if you’re expecting or have small children in your family, as you want to ensure everyone’s safety. We’re taking a closer look at how you and your family can stay prepared each year during hurricane season: Full Entry »

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Craniosynostosis 101: Commonly Asked Questions

Craniosynostosis is more common than you realize. This condition affects 1 in 2000 babies. A baby’s skull is made up of bone plates that come together at seams or “sutures”. These areas allow for the brain to grow, while the skull grows together slowly. A baby’s soft spot on top of the head is an area where several of these sutures normally come together – we have all seen how a baby’s soft spot gets filled in with bone over time. When this bony fusion happens too early at any “suture”, the condition is called craniosynostosis. It can cause significant deformity of the head shape over time because the skull bone at the fused suture cannot grow properly, while the brain is getting bigger underneath.  The treatment for craniosynostosis is usually surgery.

Here at Texas Children’s Hospital, we have a dedicated team of specialists from different fields working together to help children and families through their journeys. Full Entry »

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How to Manage Moods In The Midst Of Menopause

We’ve all watched those “amusing” marital exchanges on TV or in movies that occur during the menopause years leaving husbands wondering, “What happened to my wife?” And while mild mood changes during perimenopause are not uncommon, there are times when women may need a little extra help from their doctor, and it’s not so amusing when it’s happening to you. Full Entry »

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