Managing Diabetes in School

Mother is checking her daughters' diabetes by monitoring blood glucose level

It’s that time of year – the end of summer heralds the start of a new school year. The excitement of a new school year brings with it the promise of new friends, teachers and experiences. The switch from laid-back summer fun to rules, schedule and homework can be daunting for any child, but when you throw managing diabetes in the mix it becomes an even greater challenge. Diabetes management requires constant attention, including during the school day. Planning ahead and ensuring good communication are key components to managing your child’s diabetes in school. The Pediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology Center at Texas Children’s Hospital has some practical tips and trusted resources for managing your child’s diabetes, and ensuring an ideal school experience. Full Entry »

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What Tests To Expect When Visiting a Pediatric Cardiologist

heart center

When being referred to a pediatric cardiologist, most parents and children don’t know what to expect. Cardiology-related tests are pain free and allow doctors to have a better view of the heart. Below, I talk about the most common cardiology tests and what to expect during an appointment. Full Entry »

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Most Common Sports Injuries

sports injuries

Unfortunately, injuries occur frequently in most sports. It’s important to treat sports injuries correctly in order to prevent further problems. Below is a list of some of the sports injuries I see and how I commonly treat them: Full Entry »

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From Stress to Strength: A Program for Parents of Children with Disabilities


Parents of children with developmental disabilities can experience higher levels of stress, illness and psychiatric problems. Even though medical professionals are aware that stress is exceptionally high in these parents, and may be associated with poorer outcomes in children, there are very few support groups offered specifically for caregivers.

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Contact Lens Health Week


Parents, the beginning of a new school year is approaching quickly and when children are transitioning into a higher grade, the advancement may signify the time for a new style or a drastic change in appearance. For children who wear glasses, the new school year may prompt their urge to begin wearing contact lenses. Like many parents with children in specs, you may be reluctant about your child switching from glasses, but don’t worry, if worn properly contacts have a wide range of benefits. Full Entry »

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