Nkosana’s Story Of Survival From Metastatic Retinoblastoma

End of treatment photo:  A rare moment at of Nkosana standing still.

I had been working in Botswana for a little over two months when I learned of a three year old boy named Nkosana. When I met Nkosana’s mother, she told me he had been sick for almost a year and had developed a large tumor on the left side of his face. Six months after she first recognized the changes in his left eye, Nkosana was referred to an eye surgeon who removed his eye. Delayed recognition and referral of cancer is common in resource-limited settings, meaning children often present with more extensive cancer. Full Entry »

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In Honor Of National Transplant Nurses Day

Transplant Services at Texas Children’s Hospital is one of the largest pediatric transplant centers in the United States. Last year, Texas Children’s Transplant Services saved the lives of nearly 100 patients, making it one of the most active pediatric transplant programs in the nation. We accept referrals from around the world and often have success with cases other programs might consider untreatable, including transplants in infants. What we do require is a commitment to transplant and dedicated multidisciplinary team members. Today, in honor of National Transplant Nurses Day, our transplant services leadership team would like to recognize our nurses, specifically our transplant coordinators. Full Entry »

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Two Heartbeats: My Family’s Journey With Twin-To-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

It all started during a routine appointment with my maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialist, Dr. Marshall St. Amant, in Hammond, LA. At 19 weeks, my husband, Jay, and I were enjoying a blissfully uneventful twin pregnancy, however, not long in to this appointment it become clear to me that something was not right. Full Entry »

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A Closer Look At Childhood Obesity

We’ve all seen, read and/or supported efforts to improve the lives of children ranging from “Give Kids a Healthy Start” to “Pre-K for All.” In other words, we know that the first  years of a child’s healthy development depends not only on strong parental and social interaction, but also on a good diet and access to health care and screenings.  As parents, caregivers and concerned citizens, we understand that the health of our children is vital to growing and maintaining a robust economy and community. Full Entry »

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Snake Bites: What Do I Need To Know?

With Texas leading the nation in the number of snake bites, we are urging families to be prepared and have a plan in place in case your child is bitten. Snake bites are most prevalent between the months of April and October so with spring and summer vacations looming, the sooner a family can make a plan, the better. Full Entry »

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