Fight the bite: Advice for preventing mosquito bites in pregnant women and children


Summer is quickly approaching, which means mosquito season is beginning to ramp up here in the United States. In addition to the annoying itch after a bite, there are very real concerns in regard to different diseases mosquitoes can transmit. Full Entry »

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Bike safety 101

Boy learning to ride his bike

I remember learning how to ride a bike back in Suffield, Connecticut, where I grew up. One particular memory of mine is riding my older brother’s dirt bike which was way too big for me; my feet couldn’t touch the ground while I was sitting on the seat. The only way I could stop myself on the bike was riding close to the curb and then catapulting myself off the seat and hoping for a soft landing on our lawn. And no, I was not wearing a helmet. I could have benefited from the following information which I hope you will find helpful as well. Full Entry »

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Now there are eight

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It’s night and my wife and I are emotionally drained. The Tess webpage is live and it’s getting shared. While happy it’s gone viral, we’re reeling from how much mental effort it’s taken to make the jump. To really try. To not give up.   Full Entry »

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Health starts with you

Schoolchildren enjoying their lunch in a school cafeteria
This post was co-authored by Cary Cain, MPH, RN, Community Outreach Coordinator, Section of Public Health Pediatrics, Texas Children’s Hospital and Kimberly Kay Lopez, DrPH, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Texas School of Public Health.

Think back to middle and high school and all of the time you spent in the school cafeteria. You may fondly recall these memories as some of your glory days or you may break out into a cold sweat and recall a stressful and awkward time you would rather forget. The school cafeteria was the wonderland where tight cliques would reign. Full Entry »

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Snake bites 101

Yellow sign that warns to watch for snakes while hiking

It’s said that everything’s bigger in Texas. That is certainly true when it comes to snake diversity. Among the varied snake species are a number of venomous snakes and when large groups of people co-exist with a great number of snakes, there is the potential for envenomation. This snakebite season we are urging families to be prepared and have a plan in place in case your child is bitten. Snake bites are most prevalent between the months of April and October so with spring and summer vacations looming, the sooner a family can make a plan, the better. Full Entry »

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